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More Millennials Living at Home than Ever Before

  • More young adults are living at home than five years ago, despite the economic recovery
  • Young people have more debt, a higher cost of living and stagnant relative wages

As national unemployment rate for millennials declined to 7.7 percent from 12.4 percent in 2010, Fry found it surprising that more young adults were living with parents now than in 2010. Richard Fry, Senior Researcher at Pew Research Center

Ha. In fairness to the millennials,  Fry may be the only ‘researcher’ in the economics game who doesn’t realize that the unemployment statistics are a complete hoax.  The labor force participation rate continues to climb while the unemployment stats go down.

Yay! It’s a recovery!

Right. Just cut loose all the people who didn’t find jobs after a year.  You eliminate the deadwood like that you can make the statistics say whatever you want.

But then there is this:

Fry, who conducted this study, agrees that higher cost of living and increasing student debt are factors that could contribute to the lack of household creation. But he thinks an attitudinal change could be at play as well.

My suspicion is that I think there has been a change in attitude both on the part of parents of young adults as well as the young adults themselves about this living arrangements,” he says, careful to point out that he has not done any attitudinal research on this topic and it is purely “conjecture.”

Yes. Well, we could speculate further about that change, but it’s sufficient perhaps just to note that this is a pretty stark contrast with the way young people thought 30 or 40 years ago.

I can only speak from my own experience.

The thinking back then on the part of parents was you needed to get out there and get a job and start learning to support yourself. Any job. If you weren’t able to get anything better than a ditch digging job, well, you’d learn something from that.

You’d learn that ditch digging is a rough life.  You’d either work your way up from that or head off to college in a few years with a new perspective on what the college experience was all about.

It was about not having to spend the rest of your life in that ditch.

This tended to focus the mind and strongly influence a lot of your decisions when you walked into the old ivy halls.

The other half of this equation was that parents were not real keen on you having your girlfriend stay over, or you staying up late partying with your buddies smoking reefer.

If you wanted to do those things, and most guys did want to try and swing at least the girlfriend end of the formula, you needed to get out on your own and get a place.

Ergo, you needed a job.

Once you found it, voila! Household formation.

But guys are happy just to live at home now with mom and dad and play video games.

So it’s no surprise to see this:

Fewer American teens are having sex, but the teen birth rate is still high

The results showed a pretty large decline in the proportion of teens who had had sex by the time they turned 20. Overall, 47 percent of boys and 44 percent of girls aged 15 to 19 reported having sex at least once — down from 60 percent of boys and 51 percent of girls in 1988.

See how that works? Dang. I must be a natural genius at this sociology stuff.

Look at this here clown pundit explanation and see if it makes any sense to you.

Washington Post  Wonkblog says: Why American teenagers are having much less sex

Crotchety adults may joke: Maybe they’re too busy messing with their iPhones.

That’s actually a decent theory, said Dr. Brooke Bokor, an Adolescent Medicine Specialist at the Children’s National Health System. More teenagers than ever have smartphones, including those with no traditional computers at home. Many are more comfortable searching in private for credible information about sexual health, she said. They could be better educated about the risks — and more mentally prepared before that first heated moment ever comes.

“They’re looking on the web,” Bokor said. “They’re looking for guidance from parents, guardians and physicians. They can and will make positive decisions for their own health, both sexual and otherwise. We really need to be prepared to treat our youth and young adults as educated consumers.”

Notice how the wonkblog person opens with a commonsense explanation that might lead somewhere, and then adroitly transforms it into horseshit with this “they’re better educated” angle.

I guess that’s what they learn to do in the “wonk” disciplines like poli sci.

These people in the media just are congenitally incapable of even obvious truth on any topic. It’s been scorched out of their DNA by their politically correct upbringings and environment.

They really would rather lie than tell the truth, even if the truth is easier.


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