The Clown Prince

Let me begin by stating at the outset of this piece that I will not vote for any of the current crop of clowns for head auctioneer of the assets of the United States.

You may know the head auctioneer as the so-called President.

Call him what you like, but whoever ultimately gets elected is just a well-paid bureaucrat who presides over the distribution of the wealth of the country among the various corporate entities that control this wholly owned enterprise we still laughably call a republic.

It makes no difference which clown you elect. You can have the dumb, happy strutting clown from Texas, or you can have the folksy sounding blackface clown with the big ears.

It doesn’t matter. The asset stripping and enslavement of the populace proceeds apace. The only difference is the clown’s costume.

So I am just trying to get whatever entertainment value I can extract from the upcoming performance of the grand national charade for the lemmings.

I’m talking about the 2016 presidential election.

And as far as I’m concerned, there’s no contest.

The winner, the clown prince of the festival of lies and theft, is Donald Trump.

I guess the powers that be decided the party needed a little jazzing up this time around, a jester to liven up the proceedings.

Trump: Rick Perry ‘Put On Glasses So People Think He’s Smart’

After Sen. Lindsey Graham called Trump “the world’s biggest jackass” during a television interview, the billionaire developer read Graham’s personal cellphone number and showed it to TV cameras at a campaign event. Graham joked that he would have to buy a new phone. His voice mail quickly filled up.

 All I can say is I’m delighted to see Trump enter the arena.

Like I said, I’d no more vote for him than I would any of the other lying sociopaths up there vying for the lead in the biggest reality show on earth, but it’s clear that he’s going to furnish plenty of quality belly laughs while he sticks around.

And it looks like he’s going to be playing a new supporting role in this cycle of the national kabuki show.

Apparently he’s going to be the Don Rickles, the insult comedian of the bunch.

As the curtain goes up and the actors begin to take the stage, all I can say is pure genius.

Now those of us who checked out on this farce years can watch propaganda from time to time and get enough chuckles from it to stay awake.

Let the greatest show on earth begin!


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