Bubba Is Dying

Bubba is dying, ya’ll

I just ain’t feeling it. 
Know what ah mean?

The old magic, it’s just done gone. I got me a lot of other things to do raht now. And ya’ll ain’t exactly encrouragin…encourgin…how you say that word? Encouraging me to keep messin’ with this here blog.

Ah don’t blame ya’ll. Ah know this is a pretty dumb site. It ain’t fancy or nuthin and ah ain’t got nuthin that original to say.

But ah got me some other projects.  So ahm takin a hiatus.  For a while.  A long while.

Know what ahm sayin’ ?

Less somebody begs me, or least asts me nice to keep posting.

Ah don’t see that happening. So Adios muchachos. Arrivederci


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