Danger! Danger! Ideas and Opinions Ahead!

You wouldn’t know it to look at her, but Christina Hoff Sommers is apparently the kind of speaker whose very presence on college campuses is so alarming that students require advance notice, also known as a trigger warning!!


At least, that’s what happened when the American Enterprise Institute scholar spoke this month at Georgetown University and Oberlin College. Campus feminists kicked into high alert, warning students that her lecture on feminism and criticism of the college “rape culture” could make them “feel unsafe.”

                                 NO! I MUST NOT HEAR THIS!!                                                                   EEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKK!

Monday’s Oberlin event came with a “safe space” for people to gather during and after her talk. One student warned beforehand that there would be “gatekeepingto ensure that nobody entered who might be a “toxic, dangerous and/or violent person.”

All this may surprise anyone who hasn’t visited a college campus in the past few years, but for those who have, trigger warnings represent a familiar and increasingly visible part of the university culture.

This is just everyday business now on college campuses.

There are some people and some ideas which are just too upsetting for certain people  to hear, apparently a significant enough number to require these sorts of “gatekept” “safe areas.”

We’re not talking about criminals or even what we used to call deviants.  We’re not even talking about people who use what used to be termed obscene language.

Those people are all welcome on campus.  The “university community” (which seems to be defined by the same people who insure gatekept safe areas are provided to shelter the wilting campus hothouse flowers from words that infest the campus) celebrates what we used to call criminals, deviants, pornographers, and just plain filth.

Rather, the “university community” provides this protection against the hurtful ideas and words of scholars, thinkers, and others with opinions that don’t conform to the “university community’s” understanding of reality.

Mere hearing, no, mere awareness that somewhere nearby someone is expressing opinions and ideas which challenge one’s preferred understanding of reality is the “toxic danger” that these delicate and fragile little flowers have to be defended against.

This translates directly into what students are willing to allow themselves to be aware of in class,

As I noted here:

A Wussified Generation Of Lawyers

I can no longer discern what the purpose of a liberal arts education is.

It certainly is not to broaden one’s mind, expose one to a range of ideas, and teach one to think and reason. You can’t even make the argument that it prepares you for employment now.

Why, exactly, are we still “educating” people in what were formerly known as the liberal arts and what the hell is liberal about them anymore?

Whether this becomes a cultural norm or whether it’s imposed from above on campus, it really is a formula for making universities hesitant to teach controversial material, which sort of defeats the point of the university, said Mr. Lukianoff, who discusses the subject in his book “Freedom From Speech.”

I’ll go further.

 No doubt there are a good many polysexual whiny males among this crowd of totalitarian crybabies convinced that the entire universe revolves around them.

But the majority of this nonsense is coming from women.

Not all women, just the haranguing, perpetually offended, righteously indignant, and frequently openly anti-male, anti-white, anti-anything that does not lie down, roll over, pee upon itself and submit to their every absurd demand and delusion immediately contingent of the university dwelling females of the species.

The solution, if anyone in this society still has the will to do anything about this, lies in directly confronting, challenging, and  and utterly destroying these enemies of a free and truly liberal society polemically.

They must be intellectually extinguished with the vigor they would use to silence everyone else.

Face this, and do it, or watch as this civilization slowly crumbles and dies.


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