I Don’t Think Kanye Would Read My Blog

I think if he was forced to look at it he’d say, “What is this shit?” Or something like that.

You know Kanye.

What is this shit?  Make me want to wear that confederate flag again.

He could say ANYTHING.

And people would love it, because Kanye said it.

So I’m failing in my mission here. My mission was not to write it if Kanye wouldn’t write it.

If Kanye wouldn’t read it he sure as hell wouldn’t write it.

I need to rethink my priorities. Should I abandon Kanye as my muse and inspiration?

I probably can’t get anybody to give me any money for this blog using the Kanye metric.

Maybe I should write about how to pick up chicks. Or how women are all trash and can go to hell as far as I’m concerned.

I don’t actually think that, but it is a very popular sentiment in the up-and-coming section of the internet known as the “manosphere.”

A certain website that has the initials I.N.F.O.W.A.R.S. has been running a lot of semi-manospherian articles lately.

They don’t say all women can go to hell, but they do attack feminism.

They are quite popular. They get more comments than any other articles on the site.

I can write mean nasty stuff as good as the next guy, can’t I?  And there is plenty of traffic to be had by doing it.

Of course, I’ll have to delete this post or they’ll all know I’m a poser who doesn’t really think all women are trash.


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