Y R U Fat?

Some people say the quivering jelly-like mass of tattooed and pierced humanity in the youth cohort are fat because they sit around and play video games all day.

fat guy

The popular wisdom is if they would just get outside and play sports and walk and ride their bikes like we did back when young men were, well,  men, they wouldn’t be such a race of lardasses.

I’ve always suspected that there was more to the story than this.

Because the truth is we sat around on our asses just as much as the current generation when we were young.

We just got stoned and stared at the television, because more interesting sedentary pastimes like video games hadn’t been invented yet.

There’s something biological going on with these kids.

There are actually a lot of things biological going on, but here I’m just going to reference this article.

Female Hormones May Be Making Western Men Fat

Researchers from the University of Adelaide believe that exposure to estrogen may be fueling the male obesity epidemic. Experts explain that exposure to common substances found in affluent societies like soy products and plastics, which contain the female sex hormone, are making Western men fat.

Hormonally driven weight gain occurs more significantly in females than in males, and this is very clear when we look at the rates of obesity in the developing world,” researcher James Grantham said in a news release.

“However, in the Western world, such as in the United States, Europe and Australia, the rates of obesity between men and women are much closer. In some Western nations, male obesity is greater than female obesity,” he added.

“While poor diet is no doubt to blame, we believe there is more to it than simply a high caloric intake,” Grantham said.

Exposure to estrogen is known to cause weight gain, primarily through thyroid inhibition and modulation of the hypothalamus

Bam! There it is. Thyroid Inhibition

You know what the thyroid needs to function properly, don’t you?


And ahm gonna tell you something else. There’s testosterone involved here too. You try you some of this nascent iodine and see if you don’t get you a reaction in the male part of the anatomy.

“Another well-established source of xenoestrogen is polyvinyl chloride, known as PVC. This product is in prominent use in most wealthy countries, from plastic medical devices to piping for our water supplies,” he said.

It’s gotta be something, cause I’m telling you when I was a kid fat people were unusual.

Even now I can remember a couple of the fat kids at school because there were so few of them.

Now? Hell it’s probably easier to count the kids who aren’t fat.

And it’s not like we were on some kind of health kick back then. We pretty much ate whatever was put in front of us and we ate as much of it as we wanted.

I think these guys are on to something. I’m old enough that it’s not surprising that I’ve started to put on weight, but a few months ago I began supplementing my diet pretty liberally with iodine using Infowars X2 nascent iodine after hearing some very promising stories about iodine’s ability to reset and remodulate a number of physiological functions through it’s effect on the thyroid.

Let’s just say that the results have been surprising.  I’ve been waking up every morning for the last year or so like I did when I was 21, if you get my drift.  I’ve done no research, but clearly the thyroid is somehow tying in with  my testosterone levels. I’ve also been lifting weights a little and now I’m starting to put on more muscle.

There’s a lot of debate about what the appropriate level daily intake of iodine is, but one thing that is clear is that most people are probably deficient in it. Especially since food manufacturers have taken to substituting cheaper bromine to perform the function of iodine in prepared food products.  Purportedly, bromine displaces iodine, at some sort of receptor site in the thyroid I suppose.

I probably ought to research this but I just too lazy to try and sort through all the garbage on the internet to try to find out what might be going on.   The quantity of information on the internet may have increased in the last 15 years, but I’d argue most of that additional content, even that which presents itself as fact or science, is just excelsior crap.

I guess I could go dig through Pubmed or something like that, but you never really know what you’re getting there either. It’s become glaringly apparent in the last few years that all these so-called scientists are for sale, just give a grant to whatever institution they work for and they know what they are permitted to investigate, and what they had better ignore or avoid.  Many of them will even gin up something to show whatever result it is their corporate sponsors desire, given the appropriate financial incentives.

But I’m going far astray here.  The point is that I’ve read enough about iodine and the thyroid to know that it’s plausible that I was seriously deficient. Some articles say I may be overdosing myself – but I can’t help but wonder if there is an agenda behind the sources that express that opinion, since the Japanese and others take a lot more than I take and have for centuries, and more importantly since I have lost almost all faith in even the good intentions of much of what we call “science.”

This is where we are now in the West.  Anyone who has any science training at all knows, or should know, that there have been so many revelations of lying, misrepresentation, and fraud in virtually all fields of science that it is wise to take all claims with a grain of salt.

The man in the white coat does not automatically deserve your trust and the benefit of the doubt.  Find out who he works for and who is paying him before you consider granting that to him.

And so it is with the topic this article began with. We haven’t heard much about this in the mainstream press – although intimations of this phenomena leak into the news cycle from time to time in various forms – but that means nothing.

It’s plausible and I’ll even say likely that we are destroying the endocrine systems and turning out a generation of fatsos in the younger cohorts of the population so that the companies that provide the funding for research in this area can maintain their profits.

It’s probably more than just the endocrine disruptors in the food supply though.  It’s also likely that the insulin stimulating “low fat” diet recommended by the government at the behest of food manufacturers is part of the problem too.

We can’t be sure.  All we can really know is that everybody who is supposed to be looking out for the public health isn’t.  They’re too busy making money off of their position as gatekeepers of information to do that.


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