Catfight in the Manosphere!

The always entertaining Matt Forney does a play-by-play podcast breaking down and analyzing Jordan Owen’s YouTube manifesto against the manosphere, or the “PUAs” (pick up artists) as Owen refers to them.

The Matt Forney Show, Episode 75: Is Jordan Owen the Next Elliot Rodger?

The catfight is expressed in Owen’s manifesto against another major figure in this neck of the woods, a world traveler by the name of Roosh V. who writes books about his experiences with women in foreign countries and maintains several popular and growing websites focusing on themes in the new masculinity movement.

Owen is a confused former adherent of the cause recanting and casting aspersions on his former fellow travelers in this corner of the internet. Conveniently, he seems to have come to the realization of how despicable his old buddies were after collecting and running off with several thousand dollars collected in a crowdfunding campaign to make a movie exposing the abuse of feminist privilege in the video game world by a woman named Anita Sarkeesian.

Confusing? Not really. Owen appears to be an opportunistic malcontent who rode with the new push back movement against feminism – as long as he could make a buck at it.

Now he’s flipping to the other side and putting his old friends down.

Why is this interesting and who cares?

Because the dialectic that emerges from Forney’s critique of Owen exposes the heart of the revolt against the feminist meme that has saturated every facet of the culture.

 This push back movement is not going away, in fact it’s growing in numbers and substance.

I don’t agree with all of Forney’s critique.

I think he’s exaggerating a bit with his characterization of Owen as a potential Elliot Rodger.  Owen seems more like a chump who abandoned his convictions for some reason, likely pressure from the Social Justice Warrior crowd.

But the push back is important because somewhere between Forney’s criticism and Owen’s self serving whine that does the required obseisance to all the principles of feminist political correctness is the truth.

We won’t get there without guys like Forney who are willing to stand up and confront the lies head on, regardless of the personal consequences. Those personal consequences are very real. Forney blogs and podcasts prolifically in this area, and on any given day has stirred up enough outrage among the sheeple to contend for the title of most hated man on Twitter, based on the opinion expressed in the retweets he posts on his site.

This is one of the major new cultural battlegrounds, and you’ll be hearing a lot more from the Forneys and Owens of the world in the months to come.


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