Harris-Perry Hopes Travon “Whooped The Shit” Out Of Zimmerman. Says “Imagine Your Body As Queer”

Melissa Harris-Perry, she who proclaimed in a now famous MSNBC promo that “children belong to the whole community” is back, this time opining on the Trayvon Martin case.

Forget the facts. Forget the law.

Melissa H-P says that she hopes Trayvon Martin ‘Whooped the S**t Out of George Zimmerman,” ” knowing that he lived in a state with a stand your ground law.”

What? You know you live in a state with a stand your ground law, so you provoke someone to do just that?

I suppose this makes me racist, but if somebody is trying to “whoop the shit” out of me I don’t care if he’s black, white, yellow, or polka-dotted.  “Whooping the shit” out of somebody sounds like attempted murder or at least an attempt to cause grievous bodily harm.

Forget about the stand your ground law.

Being in an altercation where you reasonably believe somebody is trying to kill you, or inflict grievous bodily harm, invokes your right to use deadly force in self defense.  You’re not “standing your ground,” you’re defending your life.

But she’s not done. Once she gets lathered up she goes on to tell these Cornell students that they are artists. As such, they should “creatively imagine” their bodies to be black bodies, heteros should imagine their bodies to be queer bodies willing to lay down with their queer brothers and sisters and shed privileges, and men should imagine their bodies to be women’s bodies in the spirit of the creative maladjustment of the artist.  Whatever that means.

She follows this up by saying this is what Martin Luther King called for us to do, this laying down with “queers” and imagining ourselves to be women in the spirit of creative maladjustment, presumably.  Dr. King is probably rolling over in his grave and clawing at the inside of his casket to get out and silence this twisted little angel of perversion, daring to call on his memory to push her agenda.

But at least H-P has let us know where she really stands.

It’s not hyperbole.  These people really are deviants, and like all deviants they’re not happy alone.
Their perversion is no fun unless they force you and your children to participate.

And just in case there was any doubt before, H-P has removed all uncertainty about how to interpret her semi-famous statement in the MSNBS promo about “kids belonging to communities,” not parents.

No it was not just rhetorical. No she was not just talking in broad generalities.
She meant exactly what she said. She really believes we need a “collective notion of children.”

And she meant that statement to convey every conceivable disturbing implication that the worst possible interpretation might attach to it.

I don’t think it’s going to far to say that if H-P had her way, she’d encourage your children to imagine themselves to be queer, and to have the boys imagine themselves to be girls.

People like H-P want to eradicate ALL differences between people. They’re communists. They want a single, undifferentiated proletariat class – that people like H-P will rule over with her enlightened and superior understanding of morality, purpose, and goals.

See, H-P is smarter than you. Whatever you believe, it’s wrong. H-P is right, and she wants to see her vision inculcated into the minds and beings of your children, whether they’re attending Cornell or playing hopscotch in daycare.

I still can’t believe it. We’re on course to a full bore cultural marxist revolution.  People don’t see this. They don’t understand that people like H-P know exactly what they are doing when the point out, aggravate, and encourage the division and conflict in society.

They want dissatisfaction. They want people to separated, divided, and opposed to each other. They want people constantly walking around with chips on their shoulders resenting each other for supposed “privileges” possessed by each other.

They want conflict, social unrest, and eventual social dissolution, and the more violent the better.

Then they get to swoop in as authorities and create their new world.

For now they appear embarked to incite something like a soft (for now) Maoist cultural revolution

This operates on two tracks. On the one hand their are impressionable young people. They’re being absorbed into the new borg with this indoctrination by people like H-P.

On the other track is the class conflict that H-P’s propaganda creates among the different established groups in society – functioning adults in the society that until the entry of the Obamanoids were able to live in relative harmony and accomodation with each other.

Things were not perfect, but increasingly Americans were able to get along with each other.  The meritocracy, flawed as it was, insured that all had an equal chance to ascend to power in any of numerous spheres of social influence.

But the Obamanoids didn’t like the existing social structure. They want to tear it down and build a new one. Starring them and their ilk.

And that’s what they’re about.


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