Paging Mr. Descartes…

So I’m reading blogs in this new corner of the internet. Well, new for me at least.

They call it the “manosphere,” this little continent they occupy out there on the web, and it’s growing. Admission to manosphere space is free. All you have to do is “take the red pill” as they call it.

Taking the red pill is a reference to the Matrix trilogy of movies, of course, where the main character Neo is given the choice of seeing the world as it really is, by taking the red pill. Or taking a blue pill and returning to the perceived reality that he formerly occupied.

Taking the red pill in the manosphere involves realizing that women are really simple and stupid creatures who are biologically programmed to react to what’s termed “alpha male” behavior by getting all weak, wet, and aroused. After that it’s a pure cinch to seduce them, which is the goal of these guys in the manosphere.

Nothing new about that. Guys have been trying to figure out how to get women into bed from time immemorial. We’re here because those guys from the past succeeded. But the red pill is about more than seducing women.

It’s a philosophy, you see. The red pill postulates that not only are women essentially just mechanical toys who respond to alpha male behavior by falling on their backs and spreading their legs, but that they’ve evolved with the culture and technology, especially over the last 50 years since the introduction of birth control technology and the growth of the feminist movement.

Essentially the red pill posits that virtually all women are now just incorrigible sluts, and that the idea of having any kind of “relationship” with a woman now is just stupid. In this new world women are really just fuck robots. You use technique to get them to go to bed, and to control them, but you never, ever make the mistake of making any kind of commitment to any of these bitches. I use the term bitches as substitute here for a coarser slang term more frequently used in the manosphere.

We’re talking here about American women, for the most part. The guys in the manosphere believe that if you go to Eastern Europe, or maybe some parts of Southeast Asia, you can find a traditional woman who might be a little more acceptable for something more than a fuck robot.

Cherry 2000 – The Girl of The Future – On Sale Now!

As someone who spent many years with a Thai woman, and has found American women to be not to his taste since then, I can’t say I disagree with the guys in the manosphere completely. The trouble is these guys seem to want to travel overseas and meet these purportedly traditional and more feminine women so that they can just treat them like a bunch of whores too.

And they do just that.  Much discussion and plotting is devoted to this undertaking.  And I’ve seen these guys in Thailand.  They’re the reason I stopped going there years ago.

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a misanthrope generally, and especially when it comes to my fellow countrymen.  I hate going overseas and running into a bunch of North Americans.  I go overseas because I am trying to get away from them and everything they represent, and now they’re packed into Thailand cheek to jowel – and really all they’re there to do is chase pussy.

Even the guys who have been there for years display a complete lack of understanding of the culture.  They just can’t understand why Thailand has transformed from a place that welcomed foreigners to a place where they’re barely tolerated, with contempt, and only as long as they have money to spend.

50 Shades of Whatever

But hey, it’s all good – as people often say today, when something clearly isn’t all that good, but they are forced to respond to someone else’s action or expressed preference. The respondent is basically admitting that the action or preference in question clearly would be not be called good by many people – but the respondent expresses an unwillingness to side with those people. It’s not so much a ringing endorsement of the action or preference as it is a refusal to assume the right to make any judgement of others in this particular area.

And the particular areas where we refuse to make any judgements just keep expanding.

Increasingly, it is all good in the new world we live in.

This is progress. I’ll have more to say about progress and the red pill in particular later.

Maybe Descartes was right.
We got nothing to hide.

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