Bill Maher Can’t Handle The Truth

Snotty little rich boys like Bill Maher annoy me.
The real Chris Kyle wasn’t a very nice person. But you know what?

He wasn’t supposed to be.

I’m sorry, but it used to be the job of the combat military to train men to be killers.

Killers aren’t very nice.

Now, I don’t know.  Maybe they’re supposed to be social workers or something.


3 thoughts on “Bill Maher Can’t Handle The Truth

  1. I guess you like jerks who enjoy killing people like the scumbag Chris Kyle. Maybe it “used to be the job of the combat military to train men to be killers,” but it’s time that they moved on to a more compassionate role in the world.


  2. When it comes to people who are going to carry a weapon and defend the United States of America, I like jerks like Chris Kyle.

    See there are other jerks in the world, like those guys who eat hearts in Syria and go by the name of ISIS.

    When the US has to send in people to deal with savages like that, I want our people to be about twice as mean as the enemy.


  3. If you had Bill Maher’s audience and money you might be worth listening to. As it is I think the size and readership of your pathetic little blog tells us all we need to know about you country boy


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