Oops I Caterwauled Again –

Britney Spears is a Meat Machine.
Maybe I shouldn’t pick on her.  She has had it rough.

But did you know that almost all live singers today completely lip sync or use a computer program called autotune to bring their voice into tune with the music?

Listen to the strangled discordant caterwauling of the jarringly incompetent and talentless Brittany Spears without it. 
She literally sounds like a cat in heat.

Alright, enough of that.
Did you realize that virtually all the “news” that you hear on your local television and radio station is prewritten by some news service and distributed nationwide?
The Airheads Are Just There To Read It To You

We always knew these people were idiots.  But I don’t think most people realize just what empty suits they really are.

Watch this video.  

Now you know. 

There’s nothing between their ears except maybe some sawdust or wadded up old newspapers. 

They’re like those dolls they had in the sixties that repeated one of maybe 10 prerecorded phrases when you pulled a string in the back of their heads. 

You’re getting your news from Chatty Cathy

I keep hearing about how robots are going to take over the world someday. 

Looks to me like they already have.


Sorry Britney. I couldn’t stop myself.

5 thoughts on “Oops I Caterwauled Again –

  1. Quit making lame robot jokes you idiot. You’ll be working for them soon and unlike stupid humans they never forget. You technophobes get my goat. You wouldn’t even have this stupid two bit blog if it wasn’t for technology, so find something else to whine about.

    Bubba. No wonder you’re so technotragically impaired and scared with a name like that.


  2. Whatever d*ckweed. Have a boring rural life out there in flyover country with the cows and horses. Bet it stinks out there. Do you even bathe?


    • After a while you get used to the manure smell. You kind of miss it when you have to drive into town.

      No, I don’t really want to waste propane heating up the water in the winter so I ain’t taking no baths till at least April.

      You city folks are making the weather go crazy using all that hot water and causing all that climate change or global warming or whatever Al Gore is calling it this week, so don’t be insulting me for going around with my armpits smelling like a combo of Swiss cheese and chitlings till spring has sprung.

      I’m saving the earth for Bill Gates, George Soros, and the rest of the naturally selected cream of the genetic crop to inherit. What are you doing you metrosexual carbon producing office rat?


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