More On Women And Things Military

There are more problems with women in combat than just meeting standards for physical strength.

Alright Gals.  You’re Cute And All But We Got Us This War To Fight? You Know What I’m Saying?

I love women.  I even like women in the military.  I’m not real crazy about women in combat though.

An Army captain, an infantry officer who deployed to Iraq three times, said he saw morale and unit cohesion problems emerge on his last tour when female soldiers from the forward support company embedded in his infantry unit.

“They didn’t realize you didn’t need to protect” a female soldier, he said. “The chivalry factor is always there. There’s always going to be, out of every 10 guys, five guys who will want to protect her because she’s their little sister. There are three guys who are trying to hook up with her, and there are two guys who hate her and treat her like crap because she won’t hook up with them.”

“For good or for bad, all-male units like the infantry and artillery and tankers, it’s like a seventh-grade locker room,” the captain said. “Some guys, the maturity isn’t there yet.”

…”Another problem is the wives,” he said. Everybody’s OK with an all-male unit until the wives see there’s a fit, ambitious young lady, and you’re going to go overseas with 15 dudes, and I’m supposed to trust that situation? That creates a lot of stress family-wise. …

OK, you can say this problem is caused by the guys.  And you’d be right.

But you see variants of this sort of thing wherever men and women work together.  It’s why we all have to take classes in sexual harassment every few years – to try to remind men, in particular, to ignore – actually supress – their biological instincts.


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