C’mon Fellas. Cut A Lady Leatherneck A Little Slack

What’s a Leatherneck to do? The ladies just can’t seem to measure up.

C’mon Ladies ! Show these hardtails we’ve got the right stuff !!

Two more women tried, and failed, to pass the very challenging Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course.  They apparently dropped out on the first day of the course, bringing the total number of ladies who have tried and been unable to complete the course to twenty nine.

Nobody disputes that the course is tough.  Only 101 of the 118 male officers  who attempted the course this time around made it to the second day.

But there’s a mandate from on high for all the services to “gender-integrate” their combat arms specialties by the end of the year.

Something will have to be done.

The Marine Corps, along with the other services, has been evaluating how to comply with the order to gender-integrate its combat arms specialties by the end of this year, or apply for special exemptions.

The results of the Marine Corps’ experimentation thus far has revealed a pattern: Female enlisted Marines have been able to graduate from the enlisted School of Infantry’s Infantry Training Battalion in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, though at a lower rate than male enlisted Marines, while female officers have faced great difficulty in graduating from the course in Quantico.

This situation has led some involved with the policy debate in Washington, D.C., to suggest that the standards at the officer’s course in Quantico–which are substantially higher than for the enlisted courseare unrealistically challenging, and need to be lowered.

If the past is any guide, while the bar will be lowered to insure an adequate number of women can “pass,” men will initially continue to be required to meet the older more rigorous standard.

Eventually the bar will have to be raised for men, since it will be necessary to eliminate more men to free up space for the women admitted under the new weaker “ladies standard.”

How many more men will have to be eliminated?

One suspects that the Marines will be shooting to eventually have women comprise 50% of Infantry Officers, since that is the proportion of women in the general population.

14% of the men drop out under the current standard, the one that is causing the women so much difficulty. So it appears that the existing male standard will have to be toughened up so that an additional 36% of the men drop out, to provide the required space for the women admitted under the new kinder, gentler “ladies standard.”

All I can say is the guys who are able to make it through the new tougher course are going to be some bad sumbitches.

They’ll need to be, to take care of all the new “fightin'” Lady Leatherneck women who pass the weaker standard.


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